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Rental Cars Australia Car Hire 

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As a Member of the Gold Coast Car Hire ® Group , we understand the numerous differences between International Car Hire Businesses and our Family Oriented Car Rentals company Australia. In many countries, car rental Rules and Regulations can be entirely different to that of the Australian Hire Cars and simple rental contracts can become quite confusing without adequate explanations and assistance from friendly staff.

At the Member of the Gold Coast Car Hire ® Group, we take great effort to ensure you understand your car rental prior to hire. Should you have any questions regarding our car hire company or simply wish to enquire about one way car rentals in Australia, our cheapest car rental rates or any other question you might have regarding Australian car hire. Our friendly, Multi lingual staff is here to answer every query or provide you with a car at the Gold Coast Airport (also known as Coolangatta Airport which is the airport for Surfers Paradise also) too. 

Whether you are in the process of a quick business trip requiring corporate car hire rates, or on a short term family vacation, to a discerning Tourist or Newcomer, Australia is a strange and wonderful land. It is a country of vast distances and wide open spaces. Australia is the sixth largest country in the world and roughly the same size as the 48 states of Mainland USA. Australia is 50 per cent larger than Europe, but has the lowest population density in the world. Australia’s population is just about two people per square kilometre.

With golden beaches only miles from the most amazing rain forest retreats you’ll ever see, self drive car hire offers you the chance to discover the true magic and hidden pleasures that Australia has to offer. Why shoot past some of the most amazing scenery in the world, ruled by Bus and Train timetables and departure points, when you can at your own leisurely pace and pleasure explore Australia’s beauty in your own time!

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Australia Truly is a land of plenty and with vast distances to travel and a variety of experiences to explore.A country surrounded by water on all sides, Australia has beaches on every side of the Continent. We have over 10,000 beaches and this is more than any other country in the world.And, naturally, to help you explore and experience the delights of this sunburnt land, Australia car hire is there at your rescue. We have one way car rental Australia which helps you pick up your rental car on the Gold Coast or Brisbane (some Brisbane Airport services provided) and drive it to wherever you desire.


Australia Car Hire

Some of the places worth visiting are:

Coober Pedy in South Australia, also known as the opal capital of the world. Its population is made up of more than 40 nationalities and, with year-round extremes in temperature, more than 50 per cent of the population live in below-ground 'dugouts'.

95 per cent of the world’s precious Opals are produced in Australia and this includes almost 99 per cent of the world’s black opals.

Kalgoorlie in Western Australia is Australia's largest producer of gold and has the world's largest political electorate which covers a gargantuan 2.2 million square kilometres.

Unique to Australia is our national emblem, the Kangaroo, which is one of our most easily recognised mammals.Australia also has over 100 million sheep which are found on around 53,000 properties and produce over 70 per cent of the world's wool.Australia is the world's largest exporter of beef with almost 27 million head of cattle.Australia supports around 25,000 species of plants, while the whole of Europe only supports 17,500.Across the famous Nullarbor Plains, you will find the longest stretch of straight railway track in the world. From Nurina in Western Australia to near Watson in South Australia, the railway track is dead straight for a distance of almost 478 kilometres.

And, not forgetting Highways either, the Eyre Highway at Caiguna in Western Australia has the longest stretch of straight road in Australia which is almost 148 kilometres long. Crossing the southern edge of the Nullarbor Plain, it is the only sealed road from Perth to Adelaide, a 2700 kilometre drive.

The world's longest continuous fence, known as the 'dingo fence', runs through central Queensland for a distance of about 5,531 kilometres. It is 1.8 metres high and designed to keep sheep safe from Australia's native dog called the “Dingo”.

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In order to enjoy the delights of our vast and specious Country Australia, when you arrive at an Australian airport a Member of the Gold Coast Car Hire ® Group with an Australian car rental vehicle of your choosing will be ready for your travels in order that you do not have to face the problems of searching for taxicabs and rental cars at the airport. Your Australian car rental company also takes care of providing you with the kind of cars that you think are suitable for you and within your desired budget. Depending upon your budget, we are there to assist you choose from a wide range of cars – New Cars through to our Selection of Used economy class cars. We do not charge “Airport Recovery Fees” (ARF), Registration Recovery Fees (RRF), and many more charges that are added on to renting cars from the Airports in Australia. Deal with this car rental company in Australia, we take care of your needs in enjoying our hire cars within your budget and with nothing else to pay guaranteeing you hassle-free airport services. Our Australia car rentals service provides you with small to large cars to suit your needs. Providing you with the cars of your choice is our priority because we Care for your comfort. We are a car hire company based in Australia which simply provides you with car hire in Australia and hope that you enjoy our outstanding customer service and car hire services in Australia.

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