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Car Hire Airport Car Rentals

Car Hire Airport Car Rentals

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Airport Car Hire is a convenient service which every airport has to offer every traveller. Brisbane Airport is about 12 kilometres east of the City while the Gold Coast Airport at Coolangatta is 22 kilometres south of Surfers Paradise.

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In order to be able to travel freely about these busy tourist areas and enjoy the wonderful sights of Southeast Queensland, it is very wise to hire a car, thereby avoiding confusing and tiresome transfers It also gives you the freedom to do whatever you want at your own leisure and convenience and you do not have to depend on other people and means of public transport to get around.For the “Cheapest rates on the Coast”, you can easily contact a Member of the Gold Coast Car Hire ® Group either for an airport or in the City Area Service through your travel agency or online. Whichever way you do it, you can always have a hire car at your service. All Members of the Gold Coast Car Hire ® Group of Businesses offer quality and efficient services with friendly Staff to meet your requirements. All Members of the Gold Coast Car Hire ® Group of Businesses are Family oriented and offer low-cost, cheap car hire in Southeast Queensland along with free delivery and collection.Gold Coast (Coolangatta) and Brisbane Airport Car Hire and a few useful hints. It always appears to be so easy to hire a car, but we would like you to open your eyes to some important and crucial observations experienced and could create some car rental fiascos.

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  • Situated on the East Coast of Australia, and with a tropical Climate, the Gold Coast and Brisbane have warm weather all year round, and are quite a bit hotter during the summer months. So be sure that your rental car has air-conditioning.
  • If there is a need for two or more drivers, check for coverage for the number of people that you think are going to drive. It is not that much more expensive and it is not worth the risk or the worry.
  • When arriving at an airport, ensure that you have made advance plans to pick up and drop off your hire car. In some cases, it is does get cheaper to go to the city and do it there. All Members of the Gold Coast Car Hire ® Group of Businesses offer the option to Transfer you from your Hotel/Motel to any of their Offices too.
  • If you arrive on the Gold Coast by Train or Road Coach Services, and need to hire a car, there is a Member of the Gold Coast Car Hire ® Group of Businesses right inside the Surfers Paradise Transit Centre (Bus Station/Depot) to help you out. This will make it easier for everyone.
  • Always remember to pay extra special care to little Children. To protect them and to duly comply with Australian & Queensland Road Laws, ask for and reserve a child´s car seat corresponding to the size and weight of the child. Do not think that every car hire company will have enough seats and you might find yourself with the unpleasant predicament that they have run out. Some people do not trust their luck and carry one around with them.
  • Everyone says that their prices are the lowest and their service is the most efficient.We have shopped around and compared car styles, extras as far as mileage and prices at different agencies, in person and online, and found our Gold Coast Car Hire ® Group of Businesses prices are the “Cheapest rates on the Coast” when you consider all the Add-on Costs other Businesses add to give you the Full and Total Drive Away Prices. We urge you to Compare and see it for yourself.
  • Finally, ALL our hire cars are properly and correctly Registered as Hire Cars with the Department of Transport and the appropriate Third Party Insurance as Class 4 vehicles for Rent under the Motor Vehicle Insurance Act (as amended). As a result, in the unfortunate event of an accident, or any other Motor Vehicle mishap, the Insurers will not void any Liability Cover for hire cars rented from the Gold Coast Car Hire ® Group of Businesses.
Finally, though hiring a car in Southeast Queensland, or anywhere else for that fact, seems to be a bit more complicated than just buying a train or bus ticket. But! doing it all calmly, leisurely and with time can lead to a very enjoyable and comfortable holiday or business trip with any Member of the  Gold Coast Car Hire ® Group of Businesses.

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